If you ask “how is portfolio accounting different from fund accounting,” you raise a legitimate point. It would not be incorrect to say “same thing,” but at Nottingham we view the functions a bit different. Fund accounting uses share balances to calculate a net asset value per share. Portfolio accounting takes the total value of a portfolio and allocates by percentages of ownership. Another way of looking at the comparison is the tax reporting. Net asset value reporting results in 1099s while portfolio accounting results in K-1 partnership allocations. Nottingham is one of the few fund administration firms in the industry with such significant expertise in both types of structures.


Nottingham has been a pioneer with two types of accounts where efficiencies in management and operations are generated through combining multiple participant accounts into much larger investment management accounts. Beginning in the middle 1990s Nottingham helped a number of religious affiliated organizations (hospitals, school organizations and local and national dioceses) combine investment pools for efficiency. The primary issue is to properly allocate the income, dividends, realized and unrealized gains and cost basis. By using unitized accounting principles from our mutual fund accounting background, Nottingham has developed a highly accurate process that allows for daily entry and exit.

The greatest benefit of working with Nottingham is being able to pick up the phone, call, and get a person on the other end. The personal service is everything to us.
-- Head of Administration, Mutual Fund


Government investment pools, where city, county and special districts are able to combine their investments for purchasing power and operating expense efficiency, is another area of singular expertise. Nottingham has been asked to work with government investment pools in some of the largest jurisdictions in the United States, and is working with multiple national organizations comprised of cities, counties and states to provide access to similar efficiencies on a larger scale. Stay tuned for future announcements of existing government investment pools organized as QIB funds with governance under Section 115 of the Internal Revenue Code.

You guys have never treated me like the small fish that I am. Your team has always done an excellent job for me and my shareholders and for that I'm a very thankful, loyal customer.
-- North Carolina-Based Hedge Fund Manager


The best compliment that our clients have historically paid to the Nottingham team is that we treat them, and they feel like, partners. We well recognize that a rising tide floats all boats, and when we are in a position to help our clients achieve success that is our first goal and primary mission. We believe that specialization and the compliance issues in the securities and fund industry demand a high level of knowledge and experience, and is not a set of functions that most investment advisors or fund sponsors can or should attempt in house. But we at Nottingham can be an extension of your back office, and we make every effort to be seamless in that regard.

I looked at 15-20 admin firms, firms all over the country, but when I walked into Nottingham, I knew. I had a very favorable, personable impression from the outset.
-- Hedge Fund Manager

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