The legal organization of a new fund or non-registered investment vehicle can be time consuming and expensive, with many opportunities for stumbles. Retaining a law firm to handle the process start to finish unassisted can triple the cost. Nottingham has shepherded the organization process for over 250 funds (we have lost count). Our in house expertise can save you time, money and perhaps most important, headaches in the process. Starting up investment vehicles is our specialty.


There is an old saying that you do not want to watch hot dogs, sausage or legislation being made. You might add “mutual funds” or other investment vehicles to that list. There are a lot of moving pieces, and a lot of questions to be answered. Our key role in the beginning of the process is to ask you the right questions and to make sure there is a good understanding of your goals and objectives, and marketing strategy. We have several well-tested and refined questionnaires that organize these questions and your answers, and that provide the basis for drafting the documents. After we agree upon the draft documents, the draft documents are submitted to outside legal counsel for review and to make sure everything is in compliance format. After documents are submitted to the appropriate regulatory entity, there is a “hurry up and wait” during which we help you define and begin to implement a marketing approach and registration with platforms.

What a pleasure talking with you yesterday. I am thrilled to have discovered Nottingham.
-- East Coast-Based Hedge Fund Manager

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