Nottingham Experience

Nottingham takes a consultative approach in determining the optimal investment structure to fit a client’s business model or needs. Beginning with a review of the investment objectives and potential investors, we help identify the best pooled investment vehicles given the regulations, types of investment securities planned for the portfolio, demographic of expected investors, and exemptions from registration under certain circumstances.

When a wider audience of investors is sought and the investment objectives and instruments fit, a variety of publicly registered vehicles might be appropriate. Our strength is often in hearing an objective and recommending a hybrid or unique approach, all done with the assistance of some of the best legal counsel available as expert advisors.

Although the industry is constantly evolving, there is much to be learned from past experiences. The attached case studies provide some examples of the problems and issues that clients brought to us, and how we jointly found the best pooled investment vehicles to meet the specific need. Perhaps your situation is a close parallel to one of the attached cases.