Fund accounting is an exercise in precision and painstaking attention to detail. The process begins each morning by pulling the previous day’s custody statements as a source for reconciling the day’s activity in comparison to the trades reported from the investment advisor. Accruals for income and expenses are applied. When markets close, securities prices are updated and net asset values are posted to multiple reporting services. Our fund accounting team has significant experience in dealing with a variety of portfolio styles and does not stop until the right answers are found and applied.


For our clients, the ability to access critical daily fund performance information quickly and easily is crucial. That’s why we created our proprietary fund accounting online portal. Our clients, and their shareholders, gain full-time access to all relevant reports, investment data, fund history, balances, transactions, and more. With the ability to integrate various data sources and a range of reporting outlets, the Nottingham information systems team delivers the technology needed to manage funds successfully.

I looked at 15-20 admin firms, firms all over the country, but when I walked into Nottingham, I knew. I had a very favorable, personable impression from the outset.
-- Hedge Fund Manager


There is no such thing as 75% right. It’s either right, or it’s not. The Nottingham fund accounting team recognizes the fundamental need for accuracy and precision in calculating, recording, and reporting fund performance and pricing data, and there is a great deal of pride in the product generated. This commitment and pride in accuracy and timeliness is evident in all aspects of the process – investment purchases, redemptions, dividends, interest, principal paydowns, expenses and the important calculation and payment of fees.

I've always been impressed with the depth offered in terms of reporting and customization. They are so accommodating and always handle my report requests in a very timely manner.

-- East Coast-Based Hedge Fund Manager

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