Nottingham is continuing to expand our white-label ETF services to help fund issuers launch and manage innovative products… and we’re not the only ones excited about it!

We’ve been in the fund administration business since 1989. As the investment industry continues to evolve, we see an increasing need in the ETF industry for a trustworthy, low-cost platform to bring creative products to market. The first generation of ETFs, index-based ETFs, is maturing. The next generation appears to be actively managed and smart beta ETFs, and we are positioning ourselves to focus on these segments by creating our white-label ETF platform for active managers and smart beta investment styles.

High-level media outlets have taken notice of our approach and frequently call upon our experienced team for their expertise and thought leadership on the ETF space and fund industry overall.

See below for a roundup of recent media highlights featuring Nottingham and its experts, and be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for real-time thoughts and company updates.

ETF Daily News

ETF Daily News, the 3rd most-trafficked ETF-focused site, turned to Nottingham’s CEO Kip Meadows for his outlook on the ETF industry as we head into 2018. Kip opined on the trends most likely to impact the ETF landscape moving forward, such as a movement away from index-based strategies and the increased interest in white-label ETF services. Read the complete list of Kip’s predictions here.

Fund Action

Kip Meadows, CEO of Nottingham, sat down with leading fund industry news provider Fund Action for an exclusive Q&A focused on where he sees opportunity in the ETF market and how Nottingham is disrupting the white-label ETF space. Kip also discussed the benefits of using a white-label issuer to launch and oversee new funds, especially as the ETF landscape becomes increasingly crowded. Check out the Q&A here.


Nottingham CEO Kip Meadows spoke with MutualFundWire about our firm’s recent entry into the ETF business. Kip also explained the importance of partnering with an experienced, comprehensive fund administrator before launching a new ETF product. MutualFundWire is the first real-time, online news publication covering the Mutual Fund and 1940 Act industry. Find the full feature article here.