Project Description

Hedge Funds

In early 2006, an investment advisor approached Nottingham concerning providing accounting and administration for a start-up hedge fund. The advisor had little experience with starting a fund and looked to Nottingham for guidance regarding whether the fund should be registered or non-registered, where the fund should be domiciled, and to other important aspects of fund structure.

While Nottingham was extremely helpful explaining the services they offered and providing recommendation on how to structure the fund, the investment manager was also speaking with other administrators about their services.

The advisor selected Nottingham, not because we offered the lowest price, but because of the level and detail of consultation and advice received from us throughout the development process. The advisor also received assurance from their prime broker, who had experience working with both of the administrative firms bidding on the business, that Nottingham was a top-tier provider that is easy to work with and provides world-class services.