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Inspiration often comes from unusual and unexpected places.  Here are some items that celebrate hope, courage, passion, and the human spirit.  For more of what inspires us, please visit our Facebook page.

The Imperial Centre for the Arts & Sciences

The Imperial Centre for the Arts & Sciences, located in downtown Rocky Mount, has a history that is dear to the hearts of the locals. At one time, Rocky Mount Children’s Museum was a destination spot; many an elementary student was awed by the planetarium and terrified of the huge alligator that lived on the premises.  The Children’s Museum was part of a park complex that included a zoo and a carousel, and was adjacent to the Tar River.  Located on the other side of town and also adjacent to the Tar River, was The Arts Center – home to an art gallery and workshop, and the Tank Theater.  “The Tank,” well known for its theater-in-the-round, was actually housed inside an old water tank.  For decades, “The Tank” was host to productions, exhibits, and instructional classes. In 1999, everything changed.  Both sites were destroyed by the flood waters of Hurricane Floyd.  The town decided not to rebuild, but to renovate – away from the River.  Today, the Imperial Centre for the Arts and Sciences is housed in repurposed structures that once were home to the Imperial Tobacco Company and the old Braswell Memorial Library.  Committed to bringing cultural arts and science to the public, The Imperial Centre offers exhibits, performances, a planetarium, and an interactive children’s museum – something for everyone.  The next time you’re traveling near Rocky Mount, stop by and check it out – or better yet, plan an excursion for this weekend.  And while you’re there, stop by the Masters of American Photography exhibit.  It’s one of our favorites.

Willie and Trigger

Everybody knows the songs and the legendary tales that surround music superstar Willie Nelson. But do you know the story of his guitar, “Trigger”? For more than 40 years, this Martin N-20 classical guitar has been an essential member of Willie’s band, and responsible for so much of what makes his music special. It is an unexpected pairing- a joining together of unlikely components.

What might be a mismatch in other hands, here turns out to be genius.

And in 1969 if this humble, modest little guitar had found itself anywhere other than “Shot” Jackson’s music store on Broadway in Nashville, the collaboration never would have happened. Such is the fragile nature of groundbreaking ideas….

At Nottingham, we too are fascinated with the partnering of unlikely components. Do you have an investment idea that’s unusual? Something that departs from the norm? Maybe you can’t get anybody to listen? Call us, we want you hear about what you have in mind.

And now, enjoy the history of Willie and Trigger:

Up There: Stella Artois

The master god of craftsmen, Hephaestus, was considered by ancient Greeks to be the maker of civilization and was thought to bring peace.  Where might we find the presence of Hephaestus in our modern world?  In this achingly beautiful and poetic video, Up There, the answer might be on the side of a building high above the streets of New York City.  While once a common sight anywhere in the country, newly rendered hand-painted trade advertising has almost disappeared from the landscape.  Mechanization in sign production seemed like the perfect answer to the imperfections of the human touch: consistency, ease of application, and reduction in expense.  What few anticipated was that modern vinyl signs peel, tear, and have no permanence.  Signs designed, laid out, and painted by hand are timeless in their appeal.  This video is a celebration of the old way of producing outdoor advertising.

Craftsmanship, tradition and the human touch: at Nottingham, these are the guideposts we cherish.

Monk (1917-1982)

Jazz legend Thelonious Monk was a native son of our hometown, Rocky Mount, NC. He influenced not only the body of songs, but also the approach, tone and style of early fellow bebop players. Monk is the most recorded jazz musician after Duke Ellington, although critics have described his music as “dissonant” and “too difficult to play.” Wikipedia uses words such as distinctive, idiosyncratic, and unorthodox to describe his style. He challenges the listener. We’re fans.

If there were a favorite tune, it would have to be “Straight, No Chaser.” And our favorite performance of this tune is HERE, from Monk in Tokyo.

Monk: he’s not for everybody.  Neither are we.

Emory Motor Sports

From Bloomberg Pursuits

Nottingham is a custom fund services shop. Every assignment is tailored to the unique needs of the client – there are no standard services that are pulled off the shelf and forced-fit to work. Our approach demands attention to detail and a keen ear tuned to the client. Our collaborations with the end-user result in a different arrangement on each mandate than typically is found in the industry. 

Accordingly, we draw inspiration from other kindred spirits who create one-of-a-kind work. Recently, we ran across this short video profile of Rod Emory, founder of Emory Motor Sports, a custom Porsche restoration shop. We share many of the same values, beliefs, and approach that he expresses in the film.

Like Rod, we are gearheads – he is an automotive gearhead and we are fintech gearheads.  And also like Rod, we love what we do. We get to wake up every morning and build and create something unique.

Porsche Perfection:$400.000 Vintage Restoration




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