Fund administration means different things at different firms, in our experience. At Nottingham we view administration as “managing the process so that you can focus on your core strength of making investment decisions.” For 1940 Act mutual funds, administration is very heavy on regulatory compliance and filings. For private funds, not regulated, administration is more focused on overseeing the operations. Administration incorporates more than just our in-house legal team; it is a team effort involving the accounting team, financial reporting team and relationship managers.

Shepherding Regulatory Compliance

Compliance covers many areas. For registered funds the SEC is central. All investment funds are established with tax considerations in mind, as a pass through entity for tax purposes likely. Securities must comply with state laws, typically referred to as blue sky laws. Marketing of investment products is governed by FINRA and various SEC regulations. Managing this process is an alphabet soup of regulations, agencies, and calendars. The negative ramification of not handling these areas properly is significant. The Nottingham team has been working in these areas for almost three decades, and has the relationships needed to handle the processes efficiently, without wasting either time or financial resources. The Nottingham deliverable is your peace of mind.


What a pleasure talking with you yesterday. I am thrilled to have discovered Nottingham.

-VP Asset Management, West Coast

I looked at 15-20 admin firms, firms all over the country, but when I walked into Nottingham, I knew. I had a very favorable, personable impression from the outset.

-Hedge Fund Manager

I’ve always been impressed with the depth offered in terms of reporting and customization. They are so accommodating and always handle my report requests in a very timely manner.

-East Coast-Based Hedge Fund Manager

Our relationship with Nottingham has improved the effectiveness and efficiency of what I’ve been able to do for the endowment. There has not been one thing we’ve asked for that they’ve not come up with a way to address our request.

-Endowment Advisor, Wachovia Securities

Each person that I work with or have worked with over the years is very genuine. They are all well-intended, hardworking people, and I’ve always liked that about Nottingham.

-Chief Investment Officer, Mutual Fund

The greatest benefit of working with Nottingham is being able to pick up the phone, call, and get a person on the other end. The personal service is everything to us.

-Head of Administration, Mutual Fund

Your staff took care of everything perfectly and are a pleasure to work with. We look forward with great anticipation to our next Nottingham visit.

-Managing Director, Mutual Fund

You guys have never treated me like the small fish that I am. Your team has always done an excellent job for me and my shareholders and for that I’m a very thankful, loyal customer.

-North Carolina-Based Hedge Fund Manager

It is so nice to have an organization that works so hard on our behalf. You have made me feel so comfortable about the transition from my previous provider. I’ve been in business since I was 15 years old, and I have never met a group of people that I liked as much from day one as the folks at Nottingham.

-East Coast-Based Hedge Fund Manager

Oversight and Support of Governance

Whether a 40 Act fund governed by a board of trustees, or a government investment pool overseen by a board of government officials, the governance process is central to an investment structure’s success. Board agendas and supporting materials are much more involved than when Nottingham first started in the late 1980s. Preparing for board meetings takes several weeks and a great deal of organization. The Nottingham legal group, with a great deal of input and assistance from fund accounting, financial reporting, relationship management and shareholder services, is expert at managing the process. Board minutes are the best insurance policy to document how well the fiduciaries have undertaken their responsibilities. It is the Nottingham mission to make sure the fiduciaries responsible for each investment structure sleep soundly.

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