The Nottingham business plan was originally conceived, and remains today, very simple – You want a pooled investment vehicle to satisfy the needs of your firm and your clients. You want to focus on your core strengths and Nottingham can handle the details, from organizing the fund or other investment structure to daily accounting and net asset value calculations to shareholder recordkeeping and reporting to ongoing regulatory and governance.

Fund Organization

Organizing and registering any type of fund is a complicated process, and can be costly. Deciding the best structure to meet your needs is the first order of business. After determining the best structure, our approach is to leverage the experience of the Nottingham team to assist with the drafting and document filings to keep the legal costs as low as possible without comprising quality. There is a happy medium combination, and we know how to help you strike that balance.

Fund Accounting

The key issues in fund accounting are accuracy, access to securities prices in a timely manner, and making available the information tools needed by the portfolio investment advisor. Nottingham has spared little expense in licensing industry standard software combined with in-house technology team enhancements. Systems are constantly being tweaked to meet each client’s specific needs, and clients have access to all data through our online reporting portal.

Fund Administration

Twenty years ago the materials to be reviewed at a fund board meeting may have been an inch thick. Today the agenda, reports, filings and resolutions require multiple tabs and board meetings often last most of the day. There is both art and science to shepherding the compliance officer process and working with the boards and outside legal counsel and fund auditors. Nottingham’s team of fund administrators excels in quarterbacking relationships, communication, and organization.

Shareholder Services

Investment funds are built to serve the needs of the underlying shareholders. Keeping those shareholders informed and their records accurate, both general information and important tax filings, is a critical part of the process. While a transfer agent doing its job might never get a second thought, if something goes wrong, or the investor is put on hold for several minutes, or a requested address or beneficiary change is not made, a client may vote with her feet and go elsewhere. Nottingham's team views our role as an extension and public face of the investment advisor, and treats your clients as we would want to be treated.

Portfolio Accounting

If you ask “what is the difference in fund accounting and portfolio accounting," you have raised a good point. Fund accounting in our definition typically results in a net asset value. Portfolio accounting is more akin to partnership accounting, where each investor owns a percentage of the portfolio rather than shares in the fund. This is a subtle, but not insignificant, difference. Nottingham is one of the few fund administrators that has significant experience and comfort in dealing with both types of structures, and our systems and processes are built accordingly.

Nottingham is a Partner, Not a Vendor

Over the years in testimonials, short emails of thanks and in just conversation at the end of a project, Nottingham clients refer to the attitude that we bring to the table. An attitude where a rising tide floats all boats, and the wind blowing all the water out of the harbor affects all.

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Nottingham has been serving the fund accounting, administration, organization, and management needs of clients nationwide for nearly three decades. Based in Eastern North Carolina, Nottingham delivers a full range of turnkey services, handling clients’ behind-the-scenes financial and administrative operations so they can focus on managing their portfolios.

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