Nottingham Experience

Although the industry is constantly evolving, there is much to be learned from past experiences. The attached case studies provide some examples of the problems and issues that clients brought to us, and how we jointly found the best solution. Perhaps your situation is a close parallel to one of the attached cases.


Municipal Power Agency


A power agency provided dependable, affordable wholesale power to 49 participants throughout their state. A  Trust was established in

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Government Investment Pool

Since 1999, Nottingham has been providing a flexible, customized accounting system to a large state treasury. The Treasurer of this

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Foundations & Endowments: Hospitals

Nottingham was asked to develop, in essence, private unitized accounts for several Catholic hospital organizations (the same process has since

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Mutual Fund

In the early 1990s, a large investment advisor from the Mid-Atlantic region approached Nottingham with the idea to consolidate their

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Hedge Fund

In early 2006, an investment advisor approached Nottingham concerning providing accounting and administration for a start-up hedge fund. The advisor

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