Project Description

Mutual Funds

In the early 1990s, a large investment advisor from the Mid-Atlantic region approached Nottingham with the idea to consolidate their smaller separately-managed accounts into a mutual fund. Nottingham had what the group needed: the knowledge and the expertise to both organize and administer their fund. Most importantly, it gave the group the opportunity to give the administrative details over to a trusted partner so they could focus on their clients.

As a result of the excellent service and guidance they’ve received over the years, the group remains a partner with us today. Their strength of experience and trust in the Nottingham team for sound advice reaffirms why they consider our firm an extension of their own team. “We didn’t just become what we are overnight,” the company’s CEO says. “With Nottingham’s continual help and because of their excellent service and attention to detail, we reach forward everyday for more opportunities to grow together.”