Kellie Masters

Director, Shareholder Services

Though originally from Mobile, Alabama, Kellie has lived in every state east of Texas, recently choosing to settle in North Carolina. She is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of our SEC-Registered transfer agency.  As Director of Shareholder Services, Kellie supervises investor recordkeeping and the maintenance of shareholder accounts.  She and her team handle transactions, confirmations, and statements making sure that shareholders’ needs are addressed with top-notch service – when client Advisors or Fund participants call Kellie’s department, they are greeted with Southern hospitality provided by highly trained, registered representatives.  Prior to joining Nottingham in 2015, Kellie managed a client services department for one of the country’s largest mutual fund companies.  She has over twenty years of shareholder experience in the financial services industry and has a BS in Business Administration.  Kellie enjoys reading and travelling – and during tax season, has been known to volunteer her services to prepare tax returns for those in need.

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