Jeff Myers Chief Technology Officer at Nottingham Funds and Investment

Jeff Myers

Chief Technology Officer

In another area of this website there is mention of the technological prowess of which Nottingham is justifiably proud, and these capabilities can be directly tracked to Jeff and his long tenure with Nottingham. Jeff is responsible for the security and integrity of Nottingham’s computer systems. His creativity and ability to take a client request or “wish list” and translate it into a working system is a joy to watch. Jeff coordinates a team of six other IT professionals in developing and managing software development, customized reporting, and client portal requests. Prior to joining Nottingham in 2001, Jeff co-founded and managed a successful software development company that developed web-based software for dozens of companies across the US. He is also proud to have served as a Flight Simulator Specialist in the US Air Force, working on specialized mainframe computers and systems associated with mission simulation. Jeff is also a member of several bands where his love of music takes up a lot of weekend and evening time.