Greyson Davis

Director, Client Services

Greyson is a wonderful example of how hiring bright people with strong intellectual curiosity greatly benefits the Nottingham team. Starting her career straight out of college in 2001, her dogged attention to detail very quickly made her a star within the Fund Accounting team. Throughout Greyson’s many years at Nottingham, she has held various positions, most recently as Mutual Fund, Director of Accounting, enabling her to understand the details of an account and have a strong overview as well. Today, as Director of Client Services, Greyson serves as a liaison between each Nottingham department and our client Advisors. Internally, she works with colleagues to answer client questions and resolve issues ensuring that each client receives the optimum Nottingham experience.  Greyson is knowledgeable about each type of fund we administer and our clients love dealing with her.  She also performs the audit checks for all of our 40 Act Funds and has previously served as chief compliance officer for two investment trusts.  Her college tenure in Raleigh has resulted in her pulling for NC State, which adds to the office internal rivalries.  Greyson holds a BA from Meredith College.

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