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The Carolinas Index, a joint venture between Capital Investment Group and Nottingham, is an index to gauge what’s going on in North and South Carolina business.  The Index tracks the 75 largest publicly traded stocks in the Carolinas by market cap.  While it’s not an attempt to parallel the S&P 500, as the proportion allocation of industries and sectors are Carolina-specific, the Carolinas Index provides useful data to various members of the financial community.  Banks seeking to identify companies to which they would provide services need only to look to the Carolinas Index for comparative data of companies operating within the same market.  Advisors and individual investors can glean information as well, ranging from simple name gathering of top companies to the analysis of a company’s position over time as a factor for investment decisions.  And finally, as a research tool, the Carolinas Index provides insight as to 1) the volatility of the Carolinas market as compared to a broader index and 2) rising and shooting stars as companies come into and fall out of the index. Access to this wealth of knowledge is offered free of charge and can be found in the publication, Business NC.

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